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"Cailey has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She has excellent ideas, is organized, quick to respond, timely and genuinely cares for her clients. She can go from big picture strategy to implementing day to day details quickly, efficiently and consistently. She really took a customized approach for each and every facet of marketing and our business. Highly recommend Collab.ink."

Our Mission

Our mission at Collab.ink is to help companies grow their sales through digital marketing. We do this by working with your company, focusing on your passions, and then leveraging our passion for marketing to promote your business online. We don’t just work as an outsider for your company but instead join your team and collaborate with you so your passion becomes our passion.

Our experience is in online marketing, using tools like social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, and content marketing to help promote your business. Our strategy is using organic marketing and inbound techniques for long-term growth that are lower cost and more effective. Our objective is to help your company build a loyal following so you become the preferred brand in your industry and location. In short we want to increase your profits while reducing risk. 


Marketing as a startup is can be expensive, difficult, and seem daunting but we can help you so it’s none of those things. First, we can help you create a marketing strategy by finding what areas of digital marketing work best for you, provide market research to determine who your ideal buyer is, and set up marketing analysis so you can track your marketing from day one. 

Once you know what direction to go in for marketing your startup, we can help you set up your online presence to reach the most people. We will get you going on social media and listed on other appropriate sites so your brand is found. We can help set up your marketing so your web content is search engine optimized, your email marketing automation is ready to go, and you’re ready to track your marketing with analytics. 

We can also help you manage your digital marketing  once your business is up and running so your companies continue to grow and stay up to date on current marketing practices.

Small Business

We provide services for small business that are just starting or where the founder is wearing many hats including marketing specialist. 

If you are a small business we can help you with select areas in digital marketing or we can help you build and grow your digital marketing as a whole. One of our favorite things is helping small businesses build their online presence and grow from a department of none to a thriving company with a strong, knowledgeable marketing team.

we can also help you with an audit of your current digital marketing practices. We’ll help you find gaps and improve your digital marketing practices, help fill in areas you’re missing, or create an overall plan to synchronize your digital marketing efforts. We will review your current strategy by looking at your website, social media, email marketing, and data analysis. We’ll then get you set up with the best practices to keep your business moving in the right direction on a data-based method.

If you want an experienced digital marketing company to help your business grow leaps and bounds using organic low-cost methods, we are the company for you. 

Services To Fit Your Needs

We specialize in digital marketing services from full marketing strategies to the day-to-day marketing execution and beyond to marketing analysis for a 360 view of your marketing efforts. Our focus is on helping your business get the most marketing power for the lowest cost whether you’re a small startup or a large company.

We work collaboratively with your team, making your mission our passion to get your company the results you need. Our methods are driven by data analysis so you can see where your dollars are going and the growth each dollar is achieving. With our results drive marketing method, we can help you achieve increased revenue with lower spend. 

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